How to Increase Your Psychic Ability

How to Increase Your Psychic Ability

There are many theories out there about how to increase your psychic ability.  One of the most important things to understand is that we all have intuition. And we are all connected.  But we all are not what we would call “psychic.”  Lately, what we call “psychic” has become very broad and general in its definition.

What is Psychic Ability?

Sometimes we think that just because a person can validate information that we already know, that this makes them a “psychic.” This is not true.  Being able to intuit what is already there, what already exists in a person’s life, is not necessarily psychic ability. It could be the gift of telepathy. It could be the gift of empathy.  It could be simply innate intuition or what we might call “clairsentience.”  And it could be just that person’s ability to “read between the lines” and tell you what they think you want to hear based on whatever situation you are calling about. In a nutshell, psychic ability is the ability to know things that one could not possibly know or have known by any other ordinary means.  And it is the ability to make accurate predictions about future events.

Psychic Gifts

Rea psychic gifts tend to show up very early in a person’s life.  These mostly present themselves as an ability to predict events before they happen or a knowingness about what will happen in a situation. Sometimes these present as visions or “movies” or a set of images that are shown to the psychic in their mind’s eye. Other times the psychic will be able to hear clear and distinct voices giving specific messages.  It’s important to understand that if you aren’t “psychic” there is no way to “get” psychic.  But can we increase our intuition and our connectedness to Spirit? Absolutely. And we should!


Our natural gifts are like any other muscle in our body.  The more we use them, the more they develop. One of the best ways to increase our natural gifts is to learn to meditate.  Meditation has many benefits, but one of them is being able to more clearly hear our “guidance.”  We didn’t arrive here on Earth without a map and a compass. We all have spirit guides and guardian angels.  And those are ever present, guiding us and surrounding us with love and protection.  But if we can’t quiet the chatter of our mind, it’s unlikely that we will be able to hear our guidance through the noise.  So meditation is first and foremost the best way to begin connecting to our guides and angels.

There are many ways to learn to meditate. For beginners, who often have the most trouble quieting the mind chatter, we recommend a guided meditation CDs. This is the easiest way to allow yourself to go into a quiet state of being and being able to hear your spirit guides and angels.  For all:

* Breathing is the first step in quieting the mind.  Deep pranic nostril breathing is an excellent technique to start the process.  If you can’t do that, simple deep and rhythmic breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth works nicely as well.

* Focus for about ten minutes ONLY on your breathing.

* Visualize yourself in a peaceful environment, free of all stress and strain.

* Allow yourself to detach from your thoughts and thought processes.

* Open to receive guidance.

With practice, you will be able to clearly hear, see, feel, or know what is being communicated to you from the other realms.  Try not to judge it with your linear mind.   It is quite helpful to keep a journal of what comes through to you so that you can refer back to it later as a road map of sorts for your spiritual journey.




What to Expect from a SoulMate Reading

There is much confusion about what a soulmate really is and what it is not.  So if you find yourself in a perplexing relationship and aren’t quite sure what to do, there is great benefit to getting a soulmate reading because it can certainly clear things up in a big way.SoulMate Reading

What is a SoulMate?

A soulmate is not the person who completes us, as we have often been led to believe.  Our soulmate is the person who shows up after we’ve completed ourselves and who also is complete as well.  That doesn’t mean that we only meet our soulmate later in life.  It means only that a relationship with our soulmate is not about co-dependency. It’s more about empowerment and an agreement to be together at a certain point in time to do certain already agreed upon work.

We actually have more than one soulmate, and so we may find more than one of those walking the Earth incarnated at the same time as we are.  We usually always recognize our soulmate instantaneously.  And sometimes that “knowingness” is so intense that many turn tail and run in the opposite direction. What complicates soulmate relationships is that free will to not engage in the agreement.

What to Expect from a Soul Mate Reading

When getting a soulmate psychic reading, it is paramount that you enter into it with an open mind. Sometimes you will not hear what you want to hear and your heart will tell you, “This psychic is wrong!”  Allow things to unfold and don’t try to force the energy in any relationship.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting a soulmate psychic reading:

* A soulmate psychic can confirm if the other person is truly a soul mate or if there is some other kind of karmic agreement

* In this type of reading you can learn about the person’s true feelings for you.

* You can learn about their intentions regarding you and the relationship.

* You can discover helpful information to empower yourself in the relationship rather than finding yourself “love-sick.”

In a soulmate reading you’re most probably going to be asked your first name and the first name of the other person you want to know about.  A good psychic can tune right in from there and describe your beloved’s personality and sometimes physical characteristics.  They will be able to tell you some things you know and helpful information that you do not know.

“Love and relationships” is a specific kind of reading. When getting a soul mate reading, it’s obviously going to be best if you find a psychic that specializes in these kinds of readings.   What you don’t want is someone who churns these out day after day after day and who therefore doesn’t bother to tune in psychically to your specific situation, but rather gives you some generic advice and sugar coated cornflakes to go along with it.  When it comes to matters of the heart, it’s best to know the truth straight up and a soul mate reading can definitely help you with that.


What to Expect from an Astrology Reading

Astrology readings can be quite helpful as a guide to present, past, and future events in our lives.  They are also very helpful for predicting timing of events.  But if we knowAstrology Reading absolutely nothing about astrology, an astrology reading may seem like an entirely foreign language to us and we won’t be able to derive full benefit from the reading.  So it’s helpful to know what to expect from an astrology reading so that you can go into it prepared and come out of it with information that empowers you rather than confuses you.

Your Natal Chart

In an astrology reading, you will need to provide your birth information. That is your time of birth, place of birth, and date of birth. This information is used to construct your natal chart. This chart tells the astrologer in essence what you are working on in this incarnation.  It tells the astrologer what aspects you came in here with, what the planetary configuration was when you were born, and what aspects or influences you have “natally”  in this lifetime.  The birth chart, or natal chart is the road map of your life and what you’re working on and how best to get from point A to B.

The Planets

The planetary dance these days is getting a bit heated up on the cosmic dance floor.  We have a lot of planets doing a lot of things and these movements are affecting our daily lives as well as our lives as a collective.  So before getting an astrology reading, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with the planets in astrology and their respective meanings.  You don’t have to go overboard, but it’s definitely helpful, for example, to know that Pluto is the planet of transformation, so that when your astrologer tells you that “Pluto is in your 8th house,” you will have an idea that some kind of transformation is taking place in that house.

The Houses in Astrology

This brings us to the next helpful thing to know in an astrology reading.  What are the houses and what do they do?  In astrology there are 12 houses.  And your birth chart, also known as your natal chart, is divided into 12 slices, sort of like a pie.  Each house represents certain things. For example the 1st house represents you and your personality.  So when an astrologer tells  you that you have such and such a planet in such and such a house, you can start to get a general feel for the interpretation of that.

Astrological Terms

In an astrology reading, you may also hear terms like “conjunct,” which means “traveling together in harmony,” or “square,” which means “in opposition.”  You may also hear your astrologer refer to “degrees.” In astrology there are 360 degrees to the circle – your pie – that make up your birth chart. Each planet and influence lies in a specific degree and each degree has different meanings and interpretations.  You may also hear about “transits.”  The planets are not stationary. They move. They orbit. Some planets, like Pluto, one of the outer planets,  take much longer than others to complete their orbit or cycle.  So we feel their influence for much longer than, for example, Mercury, or the moon, which do not take very long to complete their cycles.  You may also hear the term “retrograde,” which refers to a planet’s “backward” motion. Planets do not actually travel backward. But they do have “retrograde motion” of a sort, which does have effect upon us whether we are aware of it or not.  A good example of this is “Mercury retrograde.”  Mercury is the planet that rules communications and commerce. So in a Mercury retrograde period (about 4 times per year), we may find communications get bungled, details get overlooked, and business gets more challenging.

In summary, getting an astrological reading can be one of the most helpful things you can do to help you navigate the waters of your life, particularly if you find yourself in rough seas.  Going into an astrology reading with a little bit of knowledge beforehand about what to expect can help you immeasurably now and in the future.


Easy Way to Balance Your Chakras

Chakra balance isn’t something that is difficult and it actually is quite enjoyable.  Here we will teach you an easy way to balance your chakras.  The more you practice it, the more balanced your life will become as a whole. First let’s explore what chakras are:Balance Your Chakras

What are Chakras?

Simplified, chakras are energy centers that are located in our spiritual body. Our spiritual body is part of our physical body, in that even though we can’t see it with our eyes, it is attached and is part of us. Some people call it the aura, some people call it the etheric field, and some people call it other things. But it doesn’t matter what you call it.  Just being aware of it is a good first step.  We have seven chakras that we are most aware of and concerned with, but truly we have many more.

What Do Chakras Look Like?

There are as many theories and ideas about what chakras look like as there are chakras. Some people say they are cone shaped. Others say they are like spinning vortexes. And others have different ideas.  Some psychics and energy healers can actually see chakras and some can’t.   But what it all really boils down to is that there like snowflakes.  They are similar in structure, yet at the same time all are unique. And chakras are constructed in layers, like flower petals. And they are connected like flowers to a stem. That stem is your spinal column. They are located both front and back and are connected like flowers to your “stem.”  They are each a color of the rainbow starting at the first or root or base chakra, which is red.  And chakras move and undulate. They are “busy.”

What Do Chakras Do?

Each one has a specific function and each carries and holds specific energies.  For example, the root chakra holds, carries, and processes the energy of tribe, family, addiction, survival, creation, money, and fear. “Holds, carries, and processes” the energy is the operative phrase here.  If we know that the aforementioned energies “live” in the root chakra, then when we have blockages in those areas, we know we have a root chakra issue that needs to be cleared and balanced.

How Do We Balance Our Chakras?

Here is an easy way to balance your chakras. And don’t be concerned if you can’t see your chakras.  Visualization goes a long way.

1. Get in a comfortable position with your spine straight. This can be sitting up in “Lotus position,” or lying down with your legs uncrossed.

2. See or visualize your chakras.  “See” each color starting with red at the base. Then orange in the pelvic area, yellow in the solar plexus, green at the heart, blue at the throat, indigo at the center of the forehead, and violet or white at the top of your head.  And remember you have chakras both front and back. So don’t forget the back, which is the subconscious part of your spiritual body.

3.  Breath deeply and with your focused breath, first breathe through each chakra with the intention of clearing it.  When you feel ready, and after you’ve breathed through each individual chakra, start connecting the energy between them starting again at the base or first chakra.

4. With your breath and with your intention, bring this connected energy up and out through the top of your head and back down and around the outside of your body. Then bring it back up again through and repeat the process for a total of 3 times.  You should feel refreshed and balanced!


Learning to Trust Your Own Psychic Ability and Intuition

One of the biggest obstacles many people face as they learn how to become psychic and tap into their own intuition is learning to trust themselves and their ability. Trusting yourself can certainly be hard to develop as we tend to second-guess every feeling, belief or psychic experience. You may find yourself asking, “Is this real?” “Am I imagining this?”

Psychic Ability

Overcoming Your Biggest Obstacle: Doubt
This is a challenge you must overcome to develop intuition and psychic ability as this self-doubt can destroy psychic awareness, along with other possibilities. Many of us are taught as children or adults, either by a parent, teacher or even a spouse, to doubt these intuitive feelings. Many times, we are instructed to ask someone else for answers and trust in them.

Something you must realize is no one can know you the way you know yourself and you must learn to trust your intuition.

Keeping a Journal
Some people find it helpful to keep a journal as they first journey to unlock psychic intuition. A journal about your psychic awareness is a place where you can store your visions, dreams, feelings, thoughts and your guesses and it’s helpful to review it every week to discover just how accurate your intuition is becoming over time. You will see for yourself how your psychic intuition is growing and learn to trust in your innate gift.

Guided Meditation or Meditation
Another thing that will help you increase your awareness is meditation, which may be practiced on your own or through guided meditation, in which a guide helps you through the process and takes you on an inner journey to uncover and develop intuition and other gifts. Meditation helps us still our mind and learn focus. Focusing your mind will also help you discover the difference between self thoughts and non-self thoughts, which are simply psychic impressions we receive. Self thoughts, on the other hand, are those doubts we have been conditioned to have about everything.

Meditation doesn’t need to be difficult and it also offers other benefits, including stress reduction. Aim for 10-20 minutes of meditation every day and learn to trust in your own psychic awareness.


Guide to Astrology, Numerology, and Horoscope Readings

Everything in existence is energy. Even stones, grass and soil are energy. Energy moves on sound waves called frequency. To understand better what I’m going to explain, go to YouTube and pull up binaural beats. Select one and, using headphones, listen to one. Binaural beats work on frequencies. One frequency is recorded on the left side and one on the right. They come in and out of range as is natural. The sound they make at the same time they reach the same place in the range is the binaural beat.

Your mind works on left and right sides. Everyday knowledge is controlled by the right brain. The left is dedicated to the spiritual. In order to understand astrology, numerology and a horoscope, you must understand the left side of your brain. It is there that the energy will approach you and it is there that you will understand its meaning.

When the planets hit us with their energy they move on a certain frequency. Astrology is the science of understanding the energies and the frequencies along which they move. A horoscope is written by an astrologer who explains how the energies will affect us. Numerology is the assignment of those energies to numbers. With those numbers, the aspects, angles and degrees of the planets are configured. Astrology determines what energies will affect what frequencies.

Psychic readings work the same way. A psychic will ask you for the numbers in your life such as date and time of birth plus age. These numbers are representations of energies such as compassion, understanding, love, ambition, balance, justice or dreams. They psychic will tell you what characteristics these energies describe in your life. .

Many people think astrology, horoscope readings and numerology are mumbo-jumbo. They are actually founded on the most ancient and strict of scientific tenets as described by Pythagoras in the 6th century BC. The energies of the universe have been understood since pre-recorded history. The practice of these sciences have basis in ancient knowledge. In fact, science is now beginning to understand quantum physics and how the energies work.

For those who believe everything is One, readings by astrologers and psychics teach how to project into the universe the correct energies for optimal good. This is how distance healers use the frequencies and the energies. Horoscope readings tell us what energies are active in our lives in addition to telling us when we are learning the correct lessons and when we’re barking up the wrong tree. Numerology teaches us which numbers represent what energies and we are able to use them for our highest good.

The binaural beats were formulated using numbers. They are energy. They come to us on a frequency. They affect us in various ways such as healing, meditation and relief from sadness. Had they been based in something other than numbers, the characteristics they represent would have been better understood by the right brain.


Evidential Mediumship

What is it? What is the goal of it?

The goal of evidential mediumship is to provide evidence that there is life after the physical passing.

 Evidential Mediumship

The purpose is to provide comfort and to provide healing. It is to give a connection to Spirit and give people faith that there is life after the physical passing. Before meeting, I meditate and connect with my guides and teachers. When I first meet with a client, I tune into their energy field and say a prayer for that what happens in the session be for the client’s highest good and greatest joy.

I am clairsentient which means I feel the energy of those around me. I feel the energy of their character and of their personality. I can tell you what type of person they are and what he/she was like to be around. I am also clairvoyant, which means I can see the Spirit. I can see how tall or short they are and what they dress like (casual, formal…), their mannerisms, etc. I can see them in their work environment and I can also see them in their home environment.

I used to close my eyes and see all this, but now I am able to “see” with my eyes open. I may close my eyes from time to time and that is just to see a clearer picture of what they are showing me. Sometimes I ask them to put something in my hand. I tell you, the client who the Spirit is and on what side of the family they are from, whether it is your mom’s brother, your dad’s uncle or your grandma. I tell you experiences and memories that you had with the person who passed. I tell you where they were from. I describe some events that happened in the home.

All the time, another family member will join in as well. I ask them a lot of questions like if they had pets, what they did for a profession, how they passed, how old they were when they passed, their hobbies, etc… I encourage questions from you during the session. This session is for you. I am always happy to turn over the role of “the journalist”.  Messages always come through. The message is usually for you, but sometimes the message is for someone else in your family. The messages range in topic from health to finances to career to home or family