Psychic Source Review

Psychic Source Review  – Read Below to Learn More

Psychic Source has one of the largest selection of psychics available, and they are also constantly ranked among the top psychic services in the country. We’re going to take a closer look at that they offer and how reliable they actually are so you can decide if they seem right for you.Psychic Source

What Kind of Services Do They Offer?

The massive number of psychics they have available means that every subject is covered with their services. You can find answers there to your love life and your destiny, get advice about what to do with your finances and even get in contact with loved ones that have passed on.

You can also choose your own psychics from a list of available readers. Some of the most popular ones are showcased on the site’s front page, which makes it simple to get a psychic who is likely to provide a reliable reading.

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How Accurate and Trustworthy Is Psychic Source ?

We know Psychic Source works hard to ensure the readings are accurate. They require each candidate to go through an intense screening to ensure they can provide accurate readings for clients.

If you read the reviews for the site and the testimonials from the people who have used it, you can see they get some pretty mixed feedback. There are plenty of people who say their psychic reading was accurate. They may not have gotten the answers they were expecting, but what the reader told them was accurate and came to pass. Then you have those reviewers and testimonials that say the readings were completely off.

As with any psychic service, you’ll have to try them out for yourself to see how accurate they are in your situation. It’s understandable that with so many different psychics providing readings that not all of them will be 100% accurate, but it’s also disappointing to know that you can’t trust everyone offering readings on the site.

How It Works

You can choose from a chat or a phone reading- whichever works better for you. Many people prefer the chat reading, because it gives them time to think about their questions, and they have the entire reading written out for them to reference at their leisure. Not all psychic services offer this kind of reading, so if that’s what you are looking for, the Psychic Source might be the one for you.

The readers have to go through a rigorous screening process before they can be accepted as readers on Psychic Source. So, even though the site employs hundreds of readers, they are all carefully vetted so you know that you are getting a reliable reading.

The Cost

You can expect to pay about $1 per minute for readings from many of the most popular psychics on this network. Some psychics offer their readings for as little as 33 cents per minute, while others cost more. You can save money by buying a package deal, where you get a lot of minutes for a decent price.

The site also offers the first three minutes free, but you do have to pay up front for whatever package you chose. There’s no trial option, which makes it risky, but the cost isn’t exactly high either, so just giving it a go won’t put you back much.

Psychic Source Verdict

The massive amount of psychics available on Psychic Source make it a great resource for readings, but it also dilutes the overall accuracy of the service. You can’t expect all of them to be expert psychics, so you should choose with caution. We recommend reading reviews that talk about specific psychics and then choosing those psychics that have garnered good ratings. That’s your best chance of getting a truly accurate reading through this service.

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Hollywood Psychics Review

Hollywood Psychics Review – Read Below To Learn More

The name may make it seem like Hollywood Psychics is connected to the stars or caters to them particularly, but it’s really just a reference to the kind of style and glamor they try to evoke. So, are the Hollywood trappings just a smokescreen for poor service and inaccurate readings or does the service have something really great to offer? We’re going to take a look at this psychic service for you and give you the answers.Hollywood Psychics

What Kind of Services Does Hollywood Psychics Offer?

The services that Hollywood Psychics offer are a bit more limited than competing services. They don’t offer the same robust options as many other companies do, but they do cover all the basics. They can provide you with tarot readings, relationship advice, dream interpretations and astrology readings.

If they have what you are looking for, and you are happy with their rates and readers, then they can be a good choice for you. The search options on their site are great at helping connect you to the right kind of psychic for your needs. Just tell them what you are looking for, and they will find you a reader who specializes in that kind of reading.

How Accurate and Trustworthy Are They?

Hollywood Psychics fits somewhere in the middle of the many psychic services out there. They provide generally accurate results, as far as most customers are concerned. If you read the reviews people have written about them, then you can see that they are usually favorably reviewed. Like any psychic service, theirs is not 100% accurate, and the accuracy varies from one psychic to the next.

Unfortunately, you cannot search their site by psychic. So, if you found one that you like and were happy with their reading, you can’t really connect with them again regularly for more readings. You just have to go with whoever the site finds for you. This can make it frustrating to find reliable psychics, but it does allow you to experience a wider range of psychics than you might as you use the service repeatedly.

How It Works

Hollywood Psychics offers both chat and phone readings. That gives you some choices and allows you to find the right kind of service for your needs. If you aren’t happy with the reading you get and its accuracy, then you can be partially refunded.

You won’t be refunded for a whole package deal, if you aren’t satisfied with your reading in any way, but you can be refunded for the first few minutes. That’s actually a good offer, if you just want to test out the service and find out in the first few minutes if it is right for you. Many times, people can tell quickly rather a psychic service is going to work as well for them or if they just don’t mesh well with the psychic assisting them.

The Cost

Like most psychic services, Hollywood Psychics charges $1 per minute to start with. You can pay per minute as you go or buy a package deal for 10, 20, or 30 minutes. With the package deals, you get an additional three minutes free, so you can save some money, if you feel like spending that much up front.

If you talk for very long on the pay per minute plan, then you will start paying about $2.29 per minute. This can add up quickly. Which is why we suggest one of the smaller packages to begin with. That way, you can vet the service and determine if they are right for you before you start spending a lot of money.

The Verdict

Hollywood Psychics is neither the best or worst psychic service out there. You can often find better deals on readings and have an easier time of finding reliable psychics every time if you go elsewhere, but they do have some great psychics on staff. They also take time to interview every psychics they use, trying to weed out obvious scammers.

That means their overall reliability can be better than some of the competition, but you are still taking a chance with them. Fortunately, their satisfaction guarantee makes them a generally safe bet, and you aren’t risking much by giving them a shot. We would recommend Hollywood Psychics to anyone who is on the fence about them.


Keen Psychics Review

Keen Psychics Review – Learn More Below

In business since 1999, like most of today’s psychic services, Keen Psychics offers a network of psychics that aren’t employed directly by the company. Instead, they work as independent operators, monitoring themselves and charging their own set fees. This means the entire service is diverse and eclectic, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding just the kind of psychic service you are looking for. The wide range of psychics available means that all psychic services you could need are offered right through this one network.Keen Psychics Review

What Kind of Services Does Keen Psychics Offer?

The site is designed to be simple and easy to use. You can navigate and search based on the exact kind of psychic service you are looking for. If you want some relationship advice or you are looking for answers to life’s questions, then you can search specifically for that kind of service. If you are trying to get some spiritual counseling or you are unsure of what you should do in your career or with your family, then you can find services to help you with that as well. The whole site is organized in such a way that no mater what you are looking for, you can find it quickly and with a minimum of hassle.

How Accurate and Trustworthy Are They?

Network psychic services are hit and miss, no matter which one you are talking about. There’s not one of them that offers 100% accurate readings every time. That’s because you have to take into account not only the most trusted and highly rated psychics on the service, but also the ones that haven’t been tested as much or who are not as skilled at their service as many of the others are.

You can find more reliable readers by looking at their ratings. That’s a good indication of the success they have had with predictions and advice in the past. These ratings are based on customer reviews, so you can see at a glance what other people thought about them. If you just stick with those psychics that are highly rated, then your experience should be a smooth and satisfactory one. You still may not get 100% accurate predictions and advice, but the chances of their advice working out well for you and their predictions coming true is much higher.

How It Works

You can either search by service and subject matter (love advice, financial wisdom, career predictions, etc.) or you can browse by individual psychics and their ratings. It’s possible that the highly rated psychics are not adept at providing the precise service you need. So, while we recommend you choose a psychic based on their rating, you may not have much of a choice and you may just need to take your chances.

The psychics on Keen all have set rates. The most popular ones and the ones that have the highest success ratings will be the costliest. They all have a per minute rate, and you will have to provide your credit card information up front to be able to speak to them.

The majority of the psychics there offer a flat rate of $1 per minute, often sold as package deals of $10 per 10 minutes. You can talk on the phone with them or chat on the site to receive your reading. The cost is typically the same either way.

The Cost

The flat rate mostly applies to the lesser known psychics on the network. It’s a large network Keen has going, so there are plenty of skilled psychics operating at that base rate that’s kind of the standard rate for the industry, but you can pay more if you want more.

Those psychics that have broken out and become famous or built up a following for themselves tend to charge more. Keen doesn’t set the rates; the psychics do. They determine what they want to charge for their services, and you can generally tell how popular and successful a psychic is by looking at their rate. The most popular ones can charge as much as $6 per minute.

You have to decide if you want quality or a good deal. It’s possible that you will be wasting your money if you go with a cheaper psychic, but it may not be worth your while to pay for a top-rated psychic if you have simple questions that other, cheaper psychics can answer just as well.

The Verdict

Keen Psychics has something for everyone. No matter what you are looking for, they offer the service, and you can find a decent psychic to provide that service to you for a good price, if you are willing to look.

As with any psychic service, you are taking a risk if you use them. Network psychics like those on Keen are not always carefully vetted, so you may end up talking to a psychic who isn’t very good, and you wouldn’t know it until you have already paid your money. Thankfully, the company offers a guarantee that allows you to get a free reading to compensate you for any inaccurate readings in the past. That makes them considerably less risky than many of their competitors, so if you are looking for a service to test out without much risk to yourself, Keen is probably the way to go.


Asknow Psychic Reviews

AskNow Psychic Review – Read Below to Learn More

AskNow Psychics has been in business for a little over a decade, and they have developed an extensive network of several hundred psychics. Many of these are the same psychics you will find on other networks, so if you like AskNow’s services and pricing better, you may want to seek out your trusted psychics there on their network.asknow

We’re going to take a look at this service and detail what they offer you, how much they cost and if they will be worth using.

We’ve all heard stories of psychics that made predictions that didn’t come true, and to avoid paying for poor readings like that, we want you to be informed about any psychics service before you go and use it.

What Kind of Services Do They Offer?

AskNow offers the full range of psychic divinations. They can tell you about your love life, your career path and your finances. They even provide services to connect you with lost loved ones or to communicate with your pets. Pretty much any service you can get from other psychic networks you can find here as well. There’s no shortage of offered services, thankfully, and that’s due to the large number of psychics they have available.

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How Accurate and Trustworthy Are They?

Their decade in the business speaks to their reliability and success. It’s unlikely for any such service to last so long if there isn’t at least some degree of success with them. That being said, there have been reports of predictions not coming true and of people being unhappy with the service they received from AskNow.

This seems to be pretty common anytime you have a network of psychics. These psychics are screened ahead of time to ensure they have a good chance of giving accurate readings to clients. But with such a large network, it’s impossible to verify each and every reader and all of their readings.

How many of their readings turn out to be inaccurate is hard to say, but it definitely averages higher than what you would get with those companies that only offer a few psychics that specialize in certain areas of divination. The psychics on AskNow are kind of all over the place. There are ones that specialize and ones that offer general services.

If you want the best chance of getting an accurate reading, then you should probably pick from the featured psychics. These are listed on the front page of the website, and they have rating by them to tell you how successful they are and what people think of them. If you want to avoid being scammed and wasting your money, then these psychics are the best way to go.

How It Works

AskNow offers two different ways to pay. You can simply pay as you go and only pay out for the minutes you use. This is great for people who have never tried the service before and want to to give it a test run to see how well it works for them.

The second payment option is to buy a prepaid package. These include a specified number of minutes for over-the-phone-readings. They usually include five free minutes or a single free reading. You still have to pay for the entire package, however, in order to enjoy that free reading or those free minutes.

You can buy separate packages for tarot readings, horoscope readings, love advice and more. You basically pick the kind of psychic service you want and then pay for the package ahead of time to enjoy some extra bonus psychic help.

The Cost at Asknow

AskNow change the standard $1 per minute rate. That’s for the pay as you go service. For the package deals, you get the same rate, plus the additional five free minutes or free reading. The package deals come in increments of 20 and 30 minutes, and you probably want to opt for the smaller packages until you find a psychic you like or you are sure this service is right for you.

The site also offers some free services, such as free daily horoscopes and regular articles that provide love advice, financial advice and clue you in on what to ask a psychic to get the best results.

The Verdict

Whether AskNow is right for you or not will really depend on your experience with them. Because they operate with such a vast network of psychics, it’s hard to say what percentage of them will actually work well for you. You can try one of the top-rated psychics to have a good chance at getting an accurate reading and pay for however many minutes it takes for you to get that first reading.

You get a better deal if you buy one of the packages, but that might be too much to commit to a service that may or may not work for you. The service is considered reliable for the most part, so your risk may not be as great as you might think, if you were to buy a package deal.

As with any psychic service, however, we recommend giving them a try before reaching your own conclusion about whether or not they are a good service.

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Tarot Card Readings

There are so many different and interesting Tarot card decks these days, it’s hard to know which one to choose for effective Tarot card readings.  If you’re reading for yourself, you need to choose the deck that you feel most drawn to in terms of imagery, because the imagery on Tarot cards is very evocative and powerful to the subconscious mind.  So attraction to the imagery is a good place to start. No matter what deck you choose, done correctly, a Tarot card reading can give you clarity on any matter that is confusing to you at the moment.tarot-cards

The first thing to do in a Tarot reading is to get really clear on your question or questions.  If you don’t take the time to do that,  it’s possible to get confusing or conflicting answers. So before reading the Tarot, take a few deep breaths, clear your mind, and really focus on what it is you’d like to know or what it is you’d like some direction on. Allow the cards to be a bridge to your answers.

There are several ways of reading the Tarot – some more formal and structured than others.  Many Tarot card decks come with detailed instructions, but some actually do not. So when choosing a deck to do readings for yourself, try to find out if the deck comes with a guidebook or not. This is particularly important if you are a beginning Tarot card reader and are not familiar with the various spreads.

Like a lot of things, interpreting the meanings of Tarot cards can sometimes be subjective.    Placements of cards within a particular spread, and the surrounding cards in a Tarot reading, also have significance, just like the houses, planets, and degrees have particular significance in an astrology reading.  These are some of the reasons why it’s important to get a deck that “speaks” to you on deeper levels.

If you are receiving a Tarot card reading online from a professional Tarot card reader, there are also some things to be aware of and keep in mind:

1. Sometimes a Tarot card reader will tell you what cards they have pulled for you and sometimes not. Ask if you’d like to know, because each card can be subject to the interpretation of the reader and what he/she believes it to represent. So ask.

2. Some Tarot card readers are not psychics, but have been trained or trained themselves, to read the Tarot. For the clearest and most effective Tarot card reading, it’s best to connect with a psychic Tarot reader as opposed to just what we might call a “Tarot card flipper,”  as a seasoned reader who is also psychic is going to be able to bridge the gap in terms of not just reading the cards, but also being able to receive information from the psychic realms.

3. Your attachment to a particular outcome can cloud the issue and bring confusing cards to a tarot spread, rather than clear-cut answers that you seek.  That’s why it’s important to at the outset of your Tarot card reading to set your intention to detach from outcome and allow the information to just flow.

4. It isn’t helpful for clarity’s sake, to keep asking the same questions over and over again or to get or do several Tarot card readings in a row.  If you insist on doing this, you will ultimately put “confusion” out to the universe and that will be what you attract back to you.


Angel Card Readings

Angel card readings can be very helpful tools to connect you with your spirit guides and angels.  Angel cards haven’t been around for centuries like Tarot cards have been. They only burst upon the scene about 25 years ago.Angel Card Readings

History of Angel Cards

One of the first deck of angel cards was a “messenger” deck that consisted of photographs of flowers as angelic messengers. Just prior to that there was a product (not really a “deck,” per se) of very small little angel cards with uplifting and inspirational messages now called “The Original Angel Cards and Book Set.” You would just pick one and that would be your angelic message for the day. They are still available today.

More well known and coming out around 1994 was a deck of angel cards called Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards by Dyan Garris. These were hand illustrated in bright watercolors and made with crystals. They had verses that were channeled in quatrain by Garris (a psychic medium) from seven archangels who were the “voice” in her angel cards. She also had a journal, original music, and a guided meditation to go along with the cards.  She developed 12 “spans” or spreads/ways to lay out the cards for your angel card reading.  Sadly, her cards are now out of print, (there seems to be some used decks out there as available) but she still has four free angel card readings online on her website and offers them in both Spanish and English.

Somewhere then after all of that, in the late 1990s came along the first Doreen Virtue angel cards, published by Hay House, which have now expanded into many, many angel card decks and they are the most well known in terms of angel card decks. These are slick cards, larger in size than a traditional Tarot deck, and manufactured on a heavier card stock.  Most of the graphics were designed by a now well known angel artist.  These cards had/have  messages from angels and daily inspiration.

Angel Card Readings v. Tarot Card Readings

A lot of people prefer angel card readings to Tarot card readings because angel cards tend to not have cards with negative or scary imagery such as we find in the Tarot.  Also angel cards are used primarily as a means of receiving direct messages from your angels and connection to the Divine, that you may not normally be able to hear on a daily basis, as opposed to as a bridge to the subconscious mind or subconscious elements as in Tarot.

Both angel card readings and Tarot card readings can be very accurate and helpful.  Tarot can be helpful if you come to understand the imagery and learn to interpret the more negative images and messages as simply “the other side of the coin,” instead of allowing yourself to be knocked off your center if you receive a card in a reading that is scary, such as the Death card. Instead of “physical death” or the “unknown” simply learn to interpret it as “transformation,” and you’ve got the idea.


Should You Get a Psychic Reading?

The decision to get a psychic reading online is not the most monumental decision you will ever make in your life, but it is an important one if you are seeking genuine spiritual guidance to any perplexing issue.  A real psychic reading can empower and help you, while one of dubious nature can leave you feeling confused and sometimes cause you to go into a bit of a tailspin.Should You Get a Psychic Reading

We expect that when we’re calling a psychic network, that we are going to be speaking with a real psychic and receiving a psychic reading.  We expect that we are talking with someone who perhaps knows more about a particular situation than we do. It’s why we’re calling, isn’t it?  A real psychic can bring forth information that we can’t see at the moment or don’t have access to, or information that is upcoming and so we can prepare for.

But what sometimes happens is this and it’s the truth whether we like it or not:  Live advice, particularly live psychic advice, is big business. It’s been mostly dominated by huge conglomerates and media companies because there is huge money in it.  And there is and has been – from non-psychics- huge misconception about what is psychic ability and what is not.  And so what we’re left with is the hiring of people for psychic phone lines who aren’t really psychic. AND what we have ended up with is a huge distortion in the definition and understanding of what a real psychic reading is.  This has cast a pallor upon those who are truly psychic and who provide genuine psychic readings.

So the most important factor to consider when getting a reading is whether or not you want an actual psychic reading.  Ask yourself that and also ask whether or not you want general advice, validation, comfort, a quick fix, or someone to make you feel better in the moment.  There isn’t anything wrong with any of that. It’s just not a real psychic reading.

Here are some reasons you should get a psychic reading:

* You are confused about what direction to go now and in life in general

* You are too close to a situation to see it clearly

* You need helpful information that you don’t currently have

* You are experiencing what is known as “Dark Night of the Soul”

* You’re having relationship trouble and don’t quite know what to do about it

* You are on the brink of transformational change and aren’t sure what you’re supposed to do

* You need job or career insight

* You are confronted with a complex situation that doesn’t make any sense to you.

There are many other reasons to get a psychic reading as well, and only you can decide what’s right for you.  If you need spiritual guidance, there certainly is a plethora of it out there. . .some of it very good and some of it not so good.  Let your own intuition be your guide as to where you feel comfortable receiving that and from whom. A good reading can give you the information that you need to move forward with grace on the path.