House Clearing

Home Clearing

Have you every entered a home, business or some environment were you felt something that you could not explain. Your were probably experiencing stagnant energy that takes on many forms, negative or positive, dark or light. This can take the shape of lost souls needing to find light or possibly negative energy left behind from past occupants. Some examples of such places include sacred land were ancient people lived or worshipped or perhaps a property built over a cemetary.

One common occurrence is the purchase of a new home were negative energy affects family, friends and pets inhabiting the home. Occupants may experience difficulty sleeping, relaxing, concentrating or just lack of energy. This phenomonon may also effect inanimate objects such as household appliances, computers, televisions.

Children and animals tend to be very sensitive to energy changes and may experience changes in personality and behavior.  In these cases, please do not think your loved ones are going crazy. This type of energy needs to be managed and cleared from an environment.

Services Offered

Asknow is able to see and feel negative energy and often can clear an environment. She will also instruct you on how to maintain a clear environment once she has completed her session. The process is similar to a physical spring house cleaning.

One of the most popular techniques with the best outcomes involves a process called “Smudging”. “Smudging” involves the use of dried sage leaves that can be purchased at a natural food and healing store.

Martine starts a session with a non-denomonational prayer asking her guides for protection. She proceeds through a property that requires clearing infusing it with positive energy, love and light. This helps to open the environmental portals allowing souls stuck in darkness to go into the light. Martine also uses mirrors to clear and block negative energy within a home.

Personal Smudging

Asknow encourages there clients to partake in a “Smudging” session. These sessions can be done outdoors and indoors. With a lite sage in hand, an individual will need to stretch their arms from the top of their head to their feet soles within a 2-3 inch circumference. After this task is completed, an individual should thank with love and light  their higher power or guardian angel.

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Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Before you waste any time wondering if you have any psychic abilities or whether you can actually develop them, let me clear up the issue by saying that you do have psychic abilities and you can easily develop them. Everyone has psychic abilities! The question is how you develop them.

Would you believe that you can radically increase your psychic abilities by practicing for 5-10 minutes a day? All you need is pen and paper. Don’t think about your psychic abilities as something “special” or “difficult to learn. Learning to use your psychic abilities is no more difficult than learning to bake a cake – you’re just using different ingredients!

Before we dive into instructions about how to increase your abilities, let’s define what we mean by psychic abilities. In shamanic terms, we call these abilities “Spirit perceptics” or “Spirit abilities.” In other words, these are abilities beyond your five senses that are part of your Spirit. You can use these abilities to access information way beyond what you can see, hear, touch, taste or smell. With these abilities you can access almost any kind of information, talk to spirits or beings who have died and much more.

Here’s a simple exercise that will help you develop your psychic abilities. With this exercise your goal is to practice using your Spirit abilities to access information that you can’t access with your five senses. Here’s how you do it:

1. Bring pen, paper and a watch or timer to a very public location that has lots of people. Fast food restaurants, airports or malls are good places to start.

2. Seat yourself in a comfortable location where you can easily write, observe people and see your timer or clock.

3. Pick a person to observe (you will need to observe him or her for 30 seconds). Set your timer for 30 seconds and start writing.

4. Write anything and everything that comes up about that person, whether you can directly observe it or not. It’s easier to start by writing what you can observe about the person (such as hair color, clothing, activities and so forth). Don’t think about what you are writing and don’t allow yourself to pause. Don’t worry about whether you’re observations are correct or not. Write as much as you can and as fast as you can.

5. Once the 30 seconds is up, pick another person to observe, set your timer and start writing.

6. Observe 10 people during a span of 5 minutes.

To give you an example of what you might right, look at the paragraph below:
Man, blond hair, jeans, has kids, mustache, kind, loves sports, likes water, has a brother, works outdoors, in tune with Nature, born in the West or has a connection to the West, nice tan, sneakers, talking with someone, talks with hand gestures, works well with hands, sensitive hands, sensitive nature, enjoys people, likes the color red, wears red a lot, brown eyes, around 40, jazz music, smiles a lot.

You’ll notice in the short description above that there are many descriptions that can be seen with the five senses – the color of his hair, the way he talks with his hands, the color of his eyes and his tan. In between, though, are descriptors that can’t be seen with the five senses – that he has a brother, he is in tune with Nature, likes the color red and jazz music. Notice that I didn’t write that he likes jazz music, plays jazz music or listens to jazz music. I just wrote “jazz music.” There may be someone around him to plays jazz music or he may like to listen to jazz music. Those details didn’t come up so I just wrote jazz music. Be sure to write whatever comes up – no editing!!

It doesn’t matter if any of your descriptions, especially those that are done with Spirit abilities, are actually correct. The goal is to practice accessing information with these abilities. The correctness of your observation will improve with time. Practice this exercise as often as you can – any time you are waiting for a bus, sitting at a restaurant or resting in a public setting. If you don’t get out much, you can do the same exercise by turning the volume off your TV and observing the people on TV.

You’ll find that with practice you will develop the ability to simply look at people and know what they are like, what’s going on in their lives and what is important to them. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. The key is not to get attached to the correctness of what you right. The less you judge yourself the more correct your observations will become. Good luck!


Psychic Healing: Anti-Aging Techniques

I have talked to many people over the years about how they feel about aging and related issues. Every single person eventually came to a similar conclusion. They didn’t mind getting older, so much, they just didn’t want to look and feel old!

Psychic healing techniques have made some wonderful strides in the last ten years or so, particularly in the area of aging, and while I cannot offer anyone immortality yet, these techniques can help almost everyone look and feel younger.

Receiving healing treatments from a professional can be of great benefit to you in your anti-aging efforts, but a consistent personal practice is needed too. As with most forms of healing, the real changes have to come from within the individual.

If you are unfamiliar with psychic field work, the type of technique we are discussing, here are some basic keys to help you get started.

*Think conceptually! This just means that you focus on the raw idea of what you want to happen or perceive. It is different, and more effective than simple visualization. It can also be a little tricky at first. While it is a skill worth learning, rest assured that you will be having good effects if you visualize things as well. While tests have show that the top performers in all psychic fields describe themselves as utilizing conceptual thinking, it is not the only way to get results. Practice as often as you can and it will become easier to think this way.

*Take your time! Many people don’t realize that the longer they focus clearly on a concept, the stronger the field of effect will be. Spending ten minutes in a focused concentrated state gets you far better results than five minutes. Try to give yourself at least twenty minutes for each separate technique. Once you have a well developed field going, you can maintain it with only a few minutes work per day! It has to be strong enough to last from day to day first though, so don’t stint yourself by not putting in the time!

*Work from as deep a mental state as possible! Meditation and bio-feedback can help you to learn to use deeper states of mind. It is worth the time and effort to learn to reach these deep levels of mind, as far as psychic field work is concerned, the difference in effect is so great. The idea that the most useful psychic state is in the alpha or theta brainwave range was based on tests of largely untrained and inexperienced individuals. Often college students with no training or practice at all!

When Shaman and advanced workers with a great deal of experience have been tested, it has been found that they often drop into Delta and even Epsilon states. Delta has traditionally been associated only with deep sleep, until recently it was not known that a person could remain aware and conscious during this brainwave state at all. Epsilon state activity seems to be the new gold standard for psychic work. It took the advent of better machinery to determine that this level of though even took place. It is the new term for brainwave activity of one Hertz per second or less. Older e.e.g.’s stopped recording at 1 Hertz. Anything below that level was not even recorded.

*Influence active and energetic systems! Psychic field work uses fields of information to alter systems that contain energy already, evidence is building that almost all psychic activity takes place in this manner. In broad terms you change the programming of a process, rather than hit it with overwhelming force. Things that move, live and grow are all active systems and can be easily influenced. It is also possible to influence raw energies, such as heat or light.

Keep these points in mind while doing your daily anti-aging work, and your results will show great improvement. Don’t worry if your technique is not instantly perfect though, even beginners have worthwhile results when using these techniques. The very act of making the daily attempt will create some results, even if none of these methods are used.

Feel free to pick and chose amongst these techniques based on your personal needs. There is no current “best” formula. You might notice greater results by picking one or two techniques and using them for twenty minutes each day for a few weeks, then adding other techniques, while shortening the time spent on the first ones to a few minutes per day. Consistency of practice and making the effort are the important parts, so stick with it!

*Be your younger self! Remember the way your body and mind felt when you were younger? Once you do, hold that concept! If held clearly (as clearly as you can, without your mind drifting too much) for twenty minutes to an hour, you will build a psychic field that will actually begin to return you to that younger age! Just as it took some time to age it will take time to reverse the process, so give it a chance to work. You will most likely feel positive effects in a few days.

*Focus on clarity! Hold the concept of your mind feeling and being clearer! When done correctly this is a very circular idea. You focus on clarity, your mind gets clearer, allowing you to focus more clearly, making your mind even sharper! I often use a similar technique before doing any psychic or mental work. It can almost double the effect of your efforts!

*Feel healthy! It may seem counter intuitive at first, especially if you are currently ill, but if you can hold the idea of how it feels to be healthy, you can overcome pain and injury at a much faster rate. By “feeling healthy” I mean that you should hold the concept of your own health. This creates the conditions for simple re-patterning. Literally an alteration of your psychic field to the desired state.

*Increase your energy! Feel energy build in a small, but growing ball in the middle of your head. Let the ball of energetic feeling fill your brain and work down you spine into your body. Maintain this concept. You will soon have many times your previous vigor. Even a few minutes of this will give your entire body/mind a boost! It causes your body to speed up your metabolic rate and release needed neuro-transmitters. I have used this technique to replace caffeine and to help increase weight loss. It is simple, but it works.

*Let go of stress and pain! Imagine a hollow tube running down the center of your body. Let this feeling of hollowness reach every part of your being. Within a few moments you will likely feel a relief from stress and pain. Now hold on to this concept. With a good solid psychic field running you will feel pain and stress less acutely and feel more comfortable as you go through life.

*Focus on joy! Most people just let their emotions happen to them and do not try to control or condition them. By feeling the idea of joy and holding it, you not only release the “happy chemicals” of your brain, beta endorphins, but condition yourself to be more likely to release them in the future. You can use this same basic technique to induce or control any feeling.

Remember a time when you felt really happy. Focus on that emotion and try to relive exactly how it felt. As it comes into being concentrate on the sensations of the state and make them grow stronger.

There are more specific techniques that a practitioner might use to help a person in their anti-aging efforts, but these are the basics. With these techniques, if applied well and regularly, you can strip years off of the way you look and feel, increase your energy and return your body to a healthier state.


How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading

In order for a reading to be as pleasant as possible and provide the best results, it is important to not only be straightforward and open with yourself but also with your counselor. If this is able to occur, then you can permit the reader to see beneath the surface and you will get so much more out of the experience.How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading

To be open means that you are hearing the psychic’s words and taking in their meaning regardless of whether or not they are saying what you were expecting or hoping they would say.

Psychics may have difficulty in telling people things they aren’t willing or wanting to hear, and if they have closed themselves off from hearing the truth, then they could be given an incorrect reading or reading may become misinterpreted. The blockage created by the closed person can disrupt the flow of energy and information.

To be honest is to ask questions that are to the point and not circumventing the real issue. It also means to respond to the psychic with honest answers. You cannot try to deceive the psychic or have doubt that the psychic will be able to read you well. Some people will answer very general questions, such as ones about their hair color or address, when speaking to the psychic to try to test them. This can throw off their entire reading.

By being deceptive with answers and questions, this creates a block that the psychic may have a hard time getting around. The psychic may get a feeling that the person is lying but be hesitant to confront them about it.

Psychics can often detect when a barrier is present. They may react in adverse ways when they sense a barrier there, and they are unlikely to go where it is clear they are not being welcomed. Psychics know not to violate a person’s privacy and they will respect the boundaries people have placed for themselves, but those boundaries can prevent an accurate and fulfilling reading.

Psychics do their best to provide you with information that is accurate, and it will help them to trust what they give you. If you can manage to give them that trust, they will be able to open you up further and get in touch with the information they need to pass on to you more easily and with more clarity.

By being open and honest with the psychic, and by trusting their reading, that does not mean you believe they are incapable of error.

It also doesn’t mean that you are going to do what they tell you to or make decisions based on the information they discovered.

Psychics work with your own decision making process, complementing it instead of directing your life.

You are certainly within your own power still when you receive and accept a psychic reading. You should think of the psychic as a trusted advisory instead of someone who knows everything and who commands your life and its direction. You might find it easy to give over control of your life to someone during times of emotional distress, but if you can retain that control as you experience the reading, it will help you to make better decisions. You will be better able to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and turn your life in the direction you want it to be.

A psychic may ask you questions about your relationships. Not everyone wants to hear bad tidings about their relationships and how some of them may not work out very well. Instead of focusing on negative outcomes, however, that may happen with your current relationships, you can ask the psychic what you should be doing to draw in the kind of person you want to be in a relationship with.

This may mean making some changes to the way you live or the kind of person you have become. In other cases, it can just mean letting go of something that isn’t helping you.

However it works out, be sure that you are still under your own power and that you are combining that with an open and honest conversation with the psychic. This will create the best possible experience for you and give you the most desirable results. The reader will do everything in their power to determine what your needs are in your current situation and give you the most apt advice to get through it successfully and to get the things that you deserve.

Doing these things ensures that your reading is as accurate as possible and that the questions you are asking will be able to elicit the kinds of answers that will really help you.

It definitely helps to have your questions prepared beforehand. You can ensure they are worded the way you want and that they are direct and straightforward. If the questions are detailed, the psychic will be able to help you achieve what you are hoping to faster and easier.


Inexpensive Psychics – How Do I Find One?

And аrе thеу worth іt, whеn I do?

Wіth іntеrеѕt іn psychic readings bеіng аt аn аll tіmе high, it’s nо surprise thаt mоrе people thаn еvеr аrе seeking оut online readings, contacting clairvoyants bу phone, attending paranormal meet-ups аnd organizations, аnd watching television shows оn psychic demonstrations іn record numbers.

But, аѕ mоѕt оf uѕ аrе аll tоо aware…..the economy іѕ іn thе dumps аѕ wеll, аnd pretty muсh frоm оnе ѕіdе оf thе world, tо thе оthеr.

Sо people аrе desperately searching fоr cheap, inexpensive psychics аѕ well……and іn mу view, that’s bоth a BLESSING, аnd a curse.

Hеrе іѕ whу:

Thе good news іѕ thаt thеrе ARE іn fact lots оf great readers, elite level talented intuitives working bу phone, оr еvеn vіа chat, іn thе online space…and fоr a FRACTION оf whаt you’d hаvе tо pay tо ѕее thеm іn person, оr іf thеу wеrе tо charge уоu whаt they’re really worth.

Thе BAD news?

Thеrе аrе аn еvеn LARGER percentage оf cheap, inexpensive psychics whо аrе mоrе like phone operators thаn gifted intuitives, аnd іn mаnу cases, thеу hаvе аѕ muсh genuine psychic ability аѕ аnу random person оn thе street. (which means thеу ѕhоuld NOT bе working аѕ professional psychics, let аlоnе charging fоr readings..:-)

Thе BEST wау tо fіnd аn elite level psychic whо іѕ affordable аt thе ѕаmе time?

Look fоr special rates аnd offers bу thе major networks, especially fоr fіrѕt tіmе callers оr clients. Thеrе аrе аlѕо lots оf deep discounts аrоund thе major holidays – і.е. – Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, Easter, еtс. Yоu саn оftеn fіnd оut аbоut thеѕе specials bу signing uр fоr a newsletter, оr jumping оn a notification list іf thеу offer оnе.

But thе REAL secret оf thе psychic industry іѕ thіѕ:

Thе vеrу best psychics make thеіr living frоm repeat clients. Thеу don’t, аѕ ѕоmе believe, tаkе hundreds оf calls a day…..or work аrоund thе clock talking tо thе public. Thеу cultivate a COMMUNITY оf fans, аnd thоѕе people kеер соmіng bасk a fеw tіmеѕ a year, оftеn fоr mаnу, mаnу years.

Fоr thіѕ reason, they’re оftеn MORE thаn happy tо offer уоu great rates оn уоur fіrѕt fеw readings, just tо gеt уоu іn thе door. They’re confident you’ll bе SO impressed, ѕо amazed оr ѕо benefited bу thеіr guidance, thаt you’ll bесоmе a life lоng caller аnd client…and аrе willing tо gіvе уоu DEEPLY discounted rates tо prove іt tо уоu!. (a win/win scenario fоr everyone….especially thоѕе оf uѕ whо LIKE getting frequent readings..:-)

More info here –

Understanding Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is a method of treating disease by spiritual means. This contrary to what most people think does not mean you cannot be treated by conventional means as well. Many people today when facing illness or treating illness have a more holistic view of treatments in relation to illness. This includes the practice of spiritual healing.
The healer transmits energy from a source outside of themselves to the people in need of the spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is also called shamanistic healing or psychicSpiritual Healing healing. The healing usually occurs through the hands of the healer.

This can be with our without actual physical contact. In Reiki, which is a form of spiritual healing the Reiki practitioner uses their hands as the energy transmitter. The spiritual healing energy can be beamed at a distance. The Reiki practitioner fills their hands and the air with Reiki energy and through their will visions and thoughts are send it the target that needs healing. There are healers that lay their hand on you and pray for your health. Through their hands comes healing energy as well.

You don’t need to have a healer necessarily to receive spiritual healing. It is said that the power of prayer regardless of one’s religious back round is a powerful spiritual healing tool. The main reason across the board regardless of the religion is that the power of prayer works in spiritual healing ones self.

The person praying is tuning into a higher divine energy outside of them selves and asking for healing. Spiritual healing cranks up the body’s natural healing mechanism back into action by stimulating one’s own energy force field and aligning it with a divine energy.

Usually in a Spiritual Healing session the healer first scans your body and aura to assess psychically your state of health and where the illness lies. Through the healers hands energy is emitted to unlock blockages that prevent healing rays from entering the sick persons body. Once the blockages are opened up the healing rays can come in. Sometimes a person will still be sick after a spiritual healing session.

But you may notice a change in their attitude towards their illness. They may be sick but appear more empowered. This is also a type of healing. Also you see a dying individual who has had spiritual healing at total peace. They are ready to go into the next world without fear. This is a spiritual preparation as well and just as important as a healing experience.

The power of the mind plays an important role in spiritual healing. If you have faith in the process it will help to heal. It’s as simple as that. If you are resistant from the beginning to the end in a spiritual healing session it will not work because your mind is blocking the energy. During spiritual healing treatments one can actually feel heat coming from the healers hands. In addition when one is being touched by a healer, they can feel things like a drawing sensation, tingling, pins and needles and even light headed. Afterwards one feels very peaceful and even sleepy. This is an indication that there was some divine energy utilized.
I am of the belief that there is always more than one way to skin a cat. I believe there is no conflict between going to a doctor and utilizing one’s spiritual beliefs to maintain ones health. I do it for my family and myself all the time.


California Psychics Review

California Psychics Review – Read Below To Learn More

You want to be able to trust the psychics you receive readings from. That’s why it is so important to be informed about what each psychic service offers and how successful or unsuccessful people have been with them.

We’re looking at California Psychics right now, which is one of the most well-known psychic services in the world. They are a huge company with world-renowned psychics, but that doesn’t give them a free pass. They still need to be put under the same scrutiny we would give to anyone else.

California Psychics

What Kind of Services Do They Offer?

Whether you can trust the psychics or not is only part of the equation. You also need to find psychics that can answer your questions and meet your personal needs. Most psychics are quite specialized and can only really answer questions of a particular nature.

Once you get outside their field of expertise, their answers won’t be as precise or as accurate. So, it’s important to choose a psychic service that has what you are looking for.

California Psychics’ services cover all the major categories- love and relationships, financial advice, career paths, destiny paths, communications or impressions from deceased loved ones, pets, past lifetimes and lost objects. Their readings often come from tarot cards, I-Ching, astrology and runes.

How Accurate and Trustworthy California Psychics?

Lots of people have reported success with them in the past, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will work well for you. Different people have different experiences with them. Their site offers tons of reviews from satisfied clients. Most of them are very pleased with the service they received.

On-site reviews and testimonials aren’t always the best way to gauge overall reliably and trustworthiness, though, and we’ve looked outside the site itself for verification.

What we found is that the majority of people who tried this service were happy with it. As we said, not every psychic will have the answers you are looking for, so even if the service worked for others in the past, that doesn’t mean for sure that it will work for you. However, California Psychics is considered to be one of the most reliable psychic resources out there.

How It Works

The process is a bit different for each psychic service, it seems. Not all of them operate the same way, and it’s worth knowing how they work to understand ahead of time if you will be comfortable with them or if you should look elsewhere for your readings.

All California Psychics’ services take place over the phone. They don’t offer any online chat or email readings, which can make them inconvenient for some people to use at times. You can just call their hotline if you want to be connected to a random psychic and get your reading that way or you can browse the various profiles first.

The psychic profiles on the site detail what each psychic’s specialty is and how they provide readings. You can find one that matches what you are looking for to ensure you get a reading you will be happy with.

This is a bit different from the way most psychic services work, where you call a particular hotline for each subject matter you need help with. For instance, with most psychic services you would call a different number for help with your love life than you would to get financial advice.

California Psychics Cost

The prices vary by psychic, but the majority of them start at $4 per minute and go up from there. How much you pay per minute depends on what kind of service you want and which psychic you choose. If you are using the service for the first time, however, then you only have to pay an introductory price of $1 per minute.

That’s a great way to bring in new customers, and it can help you decide if you want to continue using the service. It’s not a free trial, but it is a very inexpensive way to test out the service and see for yourself if it’s going to work for you.

The Verdict

Because California Psychics is such a trusted company, we believe that they are worth trying out. You may find that they aren’t right for you and that they aren’t able to give you the help you are looking for. If that’s the case, then you haven’t lost much, as their introductory price is incredibly low.

We think most people will be quite happy with them, if the many, many customer reviews are any indication. They have been in business since 1995, and you can’t continue to operate a business that long without having some decent measure of success.