In Support of Psychics

We remember many years ago a psychic predicting Arnold Schwarzenegger would be on a sitcom late in his life playing a grumpy old man.

Fast-forward to today, and Arnold isn’t staring in a sitcom. However, there’s a 2019 video clip of him promoting the most recent installment of the Terminator. In the video he’s sitting on a stage with another cast member in front of a live audience, jokingly putting down those who give excuses for not going to the gym: “You have no time? Then get up earlier!”

He appears to be playing a grumpy old-timer, and the audience was clearly enjoying his sarcastic humor. Perhaps this is the scene the psychic envisioned many years ago, but incorrectly assumed it was a sitcom.

“Being psychic does not necessarily mean seeing an event that has not yet occurred. It is rather seeing the inner nature of something.”
Frederick Lenz

Psychics Often Get The Overall Concept Correct

We are acquainted with some talented psychics, and some of them don’t do it professionally. In our experience (personally, and as professional psychics), psychics often get the overall idea right, but it’s difficult to put a time-stamp on it, or sometimes the ideas get mixed up in translation, as possibly with the above outlined case.

Time and time again, psychics correctly relay a concept, something he or she unexplainably (by conventional wisdom) has a strong connection to, such as, “The name _______ relates to very good fortune for you,” or “There’s someone around you, born in (month of birth) who is working against your best interests.” The occurrences may be years in the future, but often the vision is accurate. The notion of self-fulfilling prophecy is inapplicable because the key circumstances are often in motion before the person is aware of the details (e.g., names, dates of birth).

“We each have a sixth sense that is attuned to the oneness dimension in life, providing a means for us to guide our lives in accord with our ideas.” Henry Reed

“Don’t try to comprehend with your mind. Your minds are very limited. Use your intuition.” Madeleine L’Engle

Accuracy Rates Of Good Psychics Top Those Of Many Other Professions

In our estimation, accuracy rates of talented psychics are at least 60%. That’s pretty good, especially when you consider the success rates of athletes and doctors.

Top Major League baseball players typically bat around.300. Batting.300 means he is failing 70% of the time and getting paid $10 million each season to do so.

According to a study (Plous, 1991) on the accuracy of doctors’ diagnoses, although the doctors were 90% sure they diagnosed correctly, they only diagnosed correctly about 15% of the time.

Although a 50% accuracy rate is considered reasonable in the psychic world, it’s never achieved in many other fields, including the financial investment field (e.g., Wall Street).

Affinity With The Psychic Matters

No psychic is 100% accurate 100% of the time, yet they are frequently the target of unrealistic demands from skeptics, like no other profession. A psychic can’t possibly effectively tap into every single area of your life and all that’s happening in the world, just as he or she can’t watch every channel on TV at once. Also, the energetic connection between you and the psychic matters; if you have a strong, largely benevolent compatibility connection as symbolized by comprehensive astrology and numerology, the psychic is more likely to be at the top of his or her game while doing a reading for you. Also, when clients have a lot of spiritual debris (such as lost souls and dark energy) in their energy field it can cloud or block a reading. Likewise, no psychic should claim to know everything or be able to read for anyone.

You Will Only Be Told What You Are Supposed To Know And Psychics Can’t Erase Karma

A psychic will only tell you things you are supposed to know at that time. There might be things you aren’t supposed to know at the time of the reading that the reader won’t get into. Also, they are reading you, not other people in your life, so don’t expect them to be able to pry into your friends and family through you. Don’t hold it against the professional if he or she doesn’t reveal all during your session.

Psychics can’t erase your karma either, so avoid expecting them to take care of your responsibilities. Just as you can’t expect a financial advisor to clear your debt, you can’t expect a seer to erase your karmic balance sheet.

Psychics And The Lottery

A famous comedian once asked why you’ve never seen the headline, “Psychic wins lottery.” Again, few other professions attract so much contempt as the metaphysical industry. Do you expect your financial advisor to recommend investments that will double your money in a year? Of course not. Our view is that only psychics who are fated to come into that sort of money will win the lottery.

Psychics are not magicians–they can’t shape-shift realty to manifest any desired result. They are messengers of the divine, and deserve as much respect as any other profession.

“I rely far more on gut instinct than researching huge amounts of statistics.”
Richard Branson


A Spiritual Observation of Where Kobe Bryant and Gianna Are Now

The world was shocked by the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna AKA (Gigi) in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. When a person of great celebrity passes in such a shocking manner it brings up many questions for people.

  1. People always wonder why it happened
  2. Are they earthbound spirits?
  3. Where are they now?

The shock and grief his family is going through is beyond anything we as the public can imagine. We loved him for being a great athlete and a kind man, but they knew him personally and I’m sure they would like to have privacy at this time.

In this life we have no guarantee of tomorrow and God’s ways are definitely not our ways.

As a Spiritual Advisor I have been asked many questions about life and death. Death is a universal experience. No one can hope to escape it. It is only a matter of time till it comes to each one of us and those we love.

Once you pass over you continue to exist, not in a physical body, but a spiritual body. All of the problems and thoughts you have on this planet drift away and you are just having an initiation period where you get to just enjoy being on the other side and seeing all of those that you have loved who were on the other side.

You are taken into Heaven’s Healing Room where you are able to be healed from living in this dimension and you get a chance to view your life and see all that you experienced and did.

Each person is in Heaven’s Healing Room as long as it is needed to shake off everything they do not need. Some are there for short time and others for a long time. Please check out my video Heaven Has A Healing Room.

Once you have passed through the healing room you are taken and taught lessons about spirituality in being part of the one. Each one of us gets assigned to work spiritually in different ways. You may be a teacher, guide, or reincarnate if you have not completed everything you were supposed to in your previous life.

I have seen some psychics post videos talking about great conspiracies and all sorts of things. I have heard some psychic state that his marriage was in trouble and all types of things about his personal life that they could not possibly know.

If they were that great of psychic they would be on television and not on YouTube. Some have claimed to channel him and I personally feel that is not possible as he just went into spirit and it would be best to have permission from the family before you do something like contacting their spirit.

I do not feel that there was some big conspiracy out to murder Kobe Bryant. I’ve heard some people claim he was using drugs. To my knowledge this was not a man who used drugs. He was very much into natural medicine. He would never endanger his daughter flying and being on drugs. He was a good father who loved his children and they loved him. He loved his wife and she loved him. That vibration always came through very strongly for me. No marriage is perfect, but it doesn’t mean there wasn’t great love.

Despite what many now teach I do believe in accidents. The reason I say this is God gives us free will and that means we can be anywhere at any time and in harm’s way without knowing it. If everything was preordained we would have no free will.

Kobe and his daughter were taken into spirit immediately. They are not going to be wandering around as lost souls. I’m sure somebody is bound to say that and it’s not the way it works. I always had a very good impression of the spirit of Kobe Bryant and his daughter had his spirit about her. I’m sure that they are together and being well taken care of by the angels.

God does not judge. He does not judge you for what you thought, what your beliefs were, what race you were or what gender you were. God is Love and that is what He looks at, what love did you have in your heart and how did you manifest it in your time on planet earth.

So before you listen to the latest gossip, think about what I have written and use common sense. Unfortunately common sense is a rare commodity nowadays and people tend to believe the most outrageous things.

Life is quite simple – our goal is to live each day and not worry about tomorrow. Jesus said, “Take no thought for tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself.” Matthew Chapter 6 Verse 34

Think of our lives rising and falling as a boat on the crest of a wave. Descending into matter through the gates of birth; now re-ascending to the invisible world through the gates of death.

Kobe and Gigi will be greatly missed by their family and friends. Their legacy will live on. I have often found that out of great tragedy does come blessings and someday we will know what those blessings are.


Aura Color Meanings

You are a living Rainbow, just like many of the non-physical messengers surrounding you as spiritual guides! Each color in your aura is the combination of the electro magnetic frequencies emanating from your body. Your aura field where all of the colors are constantly shifting and changing reveals to the fine tuned psychic eye, as well as the very developed physical eye, your thoughts, emotions and actions in the present, the past and can also give you a very clear idea of where you are headed in the future.

You can use this article as a simple reference guide to learn about each color in your aura as well as some combination of aura colors. Yet it is important to understand each individual color that might appear consistently or temporarily in your aura also has meaning to how it specifically relates to you.

In an interpretation of the aura color meaning, a combination of colors, as well as each and every aura color have both a negative and positive meaning. Each aura color meaning and in what shape or form it appears, is important to know and acknowledge consciously, as it is giving you an opportunity to be aware of and continue with your healthy behavior patterns that are propelling you towards your dreams by helping you be aware of any unhealthy negative behavior pattern/s that need to be addressed, healed and overturned.

As follows, is how the aura colors meaning have been revealed to me and how they translate for you in terms of my aura paintings, aura portraits, readings and or consultations.

The Aura Color Meanings:

Red, is the color of the root Chakra and if showing in your aura in a positive aspect, would be revealing you are full of the life energy force that will express as an extremely passionate about every thing individual. You are grounded and very active, because you are vibrant with the joy of life and your attitude continuously restores your energy.

Where as, a muddy red in your aura reveals its negative expression displaying you are holding onto anger. The anger may be due to something in your past lives or current past life, or the actual moment. It also matters how much red appears in your aura and its placement in your aura field. The amount and placement will disclose your willingness to face and work through your anger in a healthy conscious manner, or if you are resisting it, thereby creating even more anger related experiences to manifest in your life.

Orange is the color of the naval Chakra and if appearing in your aura is the color of inspiration; meaning in Spirit. If you have a lot of orange in your aura, then you have recently been inspired to do something, say something, express some part of the true divinity of you. If the Orange is muted with an overlay of other colors crossing over it, then you have not been paying attention to your inspiration, the speaker of your feelings coming from your heart’s desire.

Yellow, the color of pure joy and is the color of the solar plexus Chakra. Everyone’s aura painting should have the color yellow. When it appears as a light creamy hue like butter, you are peaceful due to a solid trust in self. If it is a bright and radiant bold yellow it is similar to the happiness we feel when we are joyfully and peacefully experiencing a warm sunny day.

Yellow represents the mental body, as well; so when in the aura yellow-green is combined together, especially if the yellow overlays the green, it usually means you are mentally interfering with your own desire for happiness. You are overly analytical having to dissect every decision before moving forward. Too much mental activity will always interfere with making the peaceful positive feel good choices towards manifesting your dreams. A yellow-green combination represents healing present in the aura on a mental, emotional and or physical level.

Green the color of the heart Chakra and when green appears as a vibrant emerald green it is telling you that yu not only have an immediate opportunity to heal anything but that you may also be a healer in some form as well. Depending on where it is positioned in your aura field it will reveal what exactly needs to be healed within you and whether it is seated in your mental, emotional, physical or spiritual body.

Blue is the color of the throat Chakra and when the color blue appears, especially that of a cobalt blue you are usually gifted with multiple communication skills. When appearing in its negative aspect this usually states that you have difficulty speaking up and it is time for you to be your truth by speaking your truth. Blue can also disclose whether the masculine aspect physical role model was either present or absent in your life.

Pink is the color of self-love and most people do not address the color pink in the aura. It is not often seen in everyone’s aura because we as humans suffer severely from its unhealthy expression of a lack of love for self. The energy of pink is most needed and empowering element within us, as it is what fuels the fires of being valuable and deserving. The appearance of pink in your aura will allow you to see where, why, and how much of this energy you are needing to heal the incorrect belief of being less than.

Indigo is the color of the third eye Chakra and It is actually the combination of Red and Blue in your aura. If it is appearing negatively it is a warning that you need to apply more life force energy to the passionate truth of who you are. Indigo in its positive aspect represents that you are an individual that will be firmly committed to your beliefs and will do almost anything to make sure that your personal life, as well as those you love and the world at large live in balance and harmony. If you have a great deal of Indigo in your aura field you will not stand for anything less than the absolute highest truth of all things.

Violet represents the crown chakra as well as St. Germaine and the transmutable violet flame. When violet shows up in your aura painting in a positive fashion, its means you are a master of transforming the negative to the positive. Violet appearing as its negative counterpart represents that there is deeply embedded trauma within you which has continued to be buried or avoided.

The good part here is that both the positive and negative aspect normally show up together, meaning despite any past traumatic experiences, you have the ability to change it all around for the good. When Violet appears with a gold and or silver, then you are mastered in the use of this energy, a true alchemist.

There are multiple more subtle colors that may appear in your aura, like turquoise, magenta, silver and gold. These colors have were not often spoken of in the past because they are beyond that of the interpretation of the physical colors of the rainbow and have only been appearing in aura fields in the past decade or so.

You may be predominately displaying one of these specific higher dimensional colors or a combination of turquoise, magenta, silver or gold and including the complete rainbow of colors within you.


Reclaiming Your Personal Power

As the year draws to a close, I find it helpful to review and assess if there are any psychic cords that would be best to cut before going into the new year. In this way the new year can be greeted with renewed energy. A psychic cord is an invisible energetic cable that connects one person to another person, living or dead that has a toxic feel to it. We are not victims of psychic cords, they happen when we don’t protect and clear our energetic field regularly. Just as cavities occur in teeth if one does not brush and floss on a regular basis.

Psychic cords happen when we consciously or unconsciously give our sacred personal power, away to another person, and permit them to invade our psyche. We can both give and receive psychic cords. It is important to note, that cutting psychic cords does not mean cutting off the love. The love connection can remain but any fear, anger, negativity or judgement with another person, is most beneficial to sever and release regardless if you are the one holding them captive or they are psychically attaching to you.

Sometimes the cording can be very subtle and feel so familiar that the foreign energy is hard to recognize. One can easily become acclimated to feeling low energy or depleted from someone else’s energy in their psychic field (which acts as a parasite or leech)if the cord is from an individual that is somewhat enmeshed in your field like close friends, family or co-workers. Also the cording is hard to discern if the person who is psychically merged with you carries or vibrates at the same frequency level of one of your parents from your family of origin.

Not all psychic cords have a malevolent intent. Most do not. Some psychic cords have been put there with the intention of helping another. For example, a parent who is very controlling and worries a lot, may psychically cord to their child, teenager or adult child because they are fearful of losing them or worried about their safety. Another instance of unintentionally cording is apparent when an ex-lover attaches a psychic cord to their past partner because they care about them and can’t let go. However, though well intended, the recipient of the cord ends up feeling compromised in the clarity of listening to their own inner guidance because someone else’s energy is in their field.

Luckily there is a quick and easy solution to this psychic phenomenon. First and foremost a person must desire to be free of unhealthy cording. A qualified psychic can assist with cutting and removing the cords or an individual can do it themselves. Here is a simple technique: Begin by being willing to quiet the mind and scan your energy field to see if you have either taken on someone else’s fears, thoughts or energies or sent a cord to another person.

The next step is to tune in to the location of the cord in the body by identifying where the feeling of constriction is. After this is done, it is helpful to visualize how large the cord feels and what its density is. For instance, does it feel like a huge thick metal cable or a light fabric leash type of cord? Once these specifics are established, envision a huge pair of etheric shears that are designed to cut through anything.

In your mind’s eye sever the cord completely and simultaneously send the foreign energy back to its source. Then reclaim your own energy that you gave away and picture a pure white light entering the place where the cord resided in your body.

Next see this light dissolving any residual energy from the other person. Complete this psychic cord cutting exercise by surrounding yourself in a bubble of protective white light, a type of psychic armoring that let’s love through but does not permit negative energy to pass into your energy field.

Enjoy the feeling of your own pure and protected energy field.You are now ready to open up to your clear inner guidance and move forward in life on your soul’s path with renewed energy.


My First Spiritual Awakening and Experience of Oneness

Here I will relate my first big spiritual awakening and experience of oneness.

I was in college, having a bad day. After classes and meetings with teachers, I went back to my dorm room and sat down to meditate. When I sat down, I just surrendered. Not that I knew what surrender was but looking back on it, that was what I did. I didn’t practice a meditation technique; I just accepted all of the insanity that had accumulated that day and gave up, not holding on to anything, not figuring anything out.

This happened automatically. And automatically I fell into silence, a place of just blackness. And for about half an hour there was just this blackness. It was nothing profound, no spiritual awakening, just almost like being in deep sleep yet fully conscious.

It was when I came out of this meditation that things got quite amazing. And this spiritual awakening wasn’t a feeling of attaining something, but rather a feeling that something was gone. That personal sense of “me” with all of its problems and conflicts was not there. I was still there, still aware of the body, still functioning through the senses, but that stress that I recognized as myself was gone.

And in that loss there was the sense that I was part of everything. I would say the experience was being one with everything, of oneness but that seems to imply something spiritual. And I knew nothing about spirituality then, nothing about enlightenment or spiritual awakening or yoga. I was completely innocent in that regard. I knew a tiny bit about meditating and that was it. Not enough to even really say I could meditate properly. But if I look back on it, it was the experience of “yoga” which means union.

The experience was that this little me was so utterly meaningless. There was the undeniable sense that I was actually a part of the infinite universe, I was not separate from it. I could feel that connection, or rather, the lack of separation from it. There was still the sense of me but it was not separate from everything else. The borders of separation were gone. And the feeling of this was incredible bliss and peace. A sense of freedom like a huge weight had been lifted off of me. I was happy for no reason. I felt my true nature as joy.

Over the years I have had incredible spiritual awakenings including cosmic consciousness, realization of the self, witness consciousness, various samadhis. But there was something really pure and beautiful about this particular spiritual awakening. One, because it was the first real spiritual awakening and because at the time although I yearned for enlightenment I did not even knew if it existed let alone had read any books about it. And so here after years of mental anguish was this pure state of happiness. The feeling of being connected to the universe and that the nature of this oneness was delight.

I made my way to the dining hall to have lunch. I remember because I had a vegetarian burger which was one of my favorites. I found my roommate sitting at a table and tried to tell him what I was experiencing. But he was deep in his own suffering over a woman he was in love with. Which was quite funny because it was usually me in that suffering and here I was trying to explain, quite innocently about how this little me is totally meaningless and that we are actually a part of everything and the nature of that was delight.

But I noticed that in trying to explain my spiritual awakening that it did no good. Because it was so new, I thought that if I just told him this secret, he would experience it too. It was not out of pride I told him, pride was not there. It was out of love and wanting him to feel this happiness too, this feeling of peace and love that had no reason for being there except that it was naturally there at the essence.

But my words could not reach him. My state could not reach him or anyone. I could feel this almost solid wall of stress in the room that was actively separating itself from oneness, from the experience I was having. I could feel the stress of the room pressing against me.

And I knew in that feeling that once I started to eat my veggie burger that I would also come down from this state. I say come down but I realized that this experience of spiritual awakening was the natural state and that the sense of separation was unnatural, it was something placed on top of what was already here. I guess contraction would be a better word. I knew that once I ate my lunch, I would contract back into my body and mind, back into a sense of being a separate “me” and I would lose this experience of oneness. And that this was the way it was supposed to be.

So I did not try to hold on to my sense of oneness. I ate my lunch and watched as this sense of freedom dissipated. And by the next day it was pretty much gone, yet there was a new sense of peace, because I had experienced the truth. In that spiritual awakening I had experienced my natural state of being one with everything and therefore I would experience it again.

I thought it would come the next day or the next week but it didn’t. Yet it left behind a sense of confidence, that this was exactly what I wanted out of life and if I experienced it once, I could realize it again. That it was possible to actually live in this natural state of oneness.

Years later after an incredible spiritual awakening that changed everything, I discovered a way I could help others experience deep states of meditation and oneness through sound. Simply by listening to meditation music with a very unique sound technology based on enlightenment, they too effortlessly enter deep states of meditation and oneness. Thousands of people all over the world are now meditating to these “Spiritual Awakening CDs” with great success.


How Psychics Use Crystal Balls

Crystal balls are a very popular tool used by psychics and have been in use for a long time. Fortunetellers use crystal balls to perform various tasks like making predictions and in clairvoyance. Seers on the other hand use crystal balls mainly because of its authority and the ability to see through the diverse proceedings, time locations, and the client’s subjects as well.

Crystal balls have been used for a long time and were first used by Celtic tribes’ along with other crystal divination objects for them to learn more about their past the future and the present characteristics of people’s lives including their own.

These balls are made of beryllium or quartz and are flawless and clear to look through. The psychics begins reciting incantations related to the balls and rituals while focusing their psychic abilities on the crystals and are essentially turned into devices that see into the invisible energies.

Since the time the fortunetellers began using them, they have helped many psychics see through other people’s minds and provide useful answers that conventional science cannot explain. Many religions and cultures have adopted these balls such as the wizards the gypsy’s high priests mediums and many other telepathic practitioners.

Different uses for crystal balls

They allow the release of energies that supplement the psychic’s abilities. The medium or psychic will hold the crystal ball made of quartz to strengthen their energies and conduct readings for their clients and for themselves. Quartz balls are more influential than others are, and hence chosen by many psychics during their readings.

Crystal balls help remove ambiguities out of a telepathist’s mind. The psychic may at one point or the other see through the clients mind and be able to cleanse their own at the same time. When conducting a reading a psychic must give the session their undivided attention and by doing this, they are able to allow them to rid themselves of impurities that they may be having in the mind and essentially gain improved concentration during their healing sessions.

Crystal balls also allow the psychic to get into a trance mode during the session. Psychics often use the balls to get out of their physical bodies and consequently give way for the spirit to take over and converse with their existing cherished ones for some time. When the session is over, the psychic’s spirit returns to them and they gain consciousness all over again.

Nonetheless, not all psychics and mediums use crystal balls for scrying. There are psychics who use small pools of water called scrying ponds or pools to reflect the images and visions they desire to see past future events and positions of misplaced entities. Establishing the connection with a crystal ball is the gateway to fully glimpse into the future and allow the haze to part aside revealing images and is required for reading and understanding the present and the future.


The 4 Core Numerological Numbers Revealed

The fact is that numerological numbers, determined by assigning a number to each letter of an individual’s name as well as the day of birth as they appears on the birth certificate, are unique to each and every person. In simple terms, numerological numbers are calculated by taking the sum of these numbers and combining them in a variety of ways. Generally, they are then interpreted and presented in a numerology report. However, with knowledge and understanding you can do this yourself.

A comprehensive numerology report may initially appear somewhat intimidating as it may likely contain information derived from a variety of numerological numbers combinations, allowing you to look very deep into your soul. Becoming an expert in numerology is not unlike becoming an expert in any field.

The more proficient you become in using the tools of the trade, in the case of numerology, numbers, the better you will become in mastering the skill, or interpreting the numbers. The greater the knowledge you have about each number’s symbolic meaning, the better you will become in the art and science of personality analysis and prediction.

If you are in the beginning or learning stage of numerology, you may feel overwhelmed or become frustrated. Take it slow. If you hit a road block, stop, and do some research until you find the answer. There are 4 core numerological numbers you must know and understand. Following is a brief overview:

Life Path Number: Commonly called the Life, Skill, Talent, or Ability Number, the Life Path Number is considered by numerologists to be the most important of all numerological numbers. In general, it guides and directs you through life, and does this by uncovering deep-rooted talents, characteristic, skills, and abilities which you may not know you possess. The calculation is simply the sum of the numbers in your date of birth. For example, a person born on August 14, 1954, would have a Life Path Number of 5. (8+1+4+1+9+5+4=32, 3+2=5)

Birth Day Number: As the name implies, the Birth Day Number is derived from your date of birth and is calculated by adding the numbers of that day. In the example above, the Birth Day Number is 5, (1+4). This number defines your traits and will usually reveal your most obvious quality, the one that those closest to you recognize. Although it is often considered the least important of the 4 core numerological numbers, once you identify this unique quality, you can use it to achieve success.

Destiny Number: Also known as your Expression or Potential Number, is in a sense a story board of your life and reveals you life’s purpose or spiritual mission. This numerological number provides a road map of your life’s journey from beginning to end.

If you learn to tap into it, it will present signs like caution, stop, and go which will allow you foresee trouble ahead, or opportunities which lie in the future. In effect, it provides you with some control over your destiny in life. The Destiny Number is calculated by adding each number assigned to you full name and coming up with a single digit.

Heart’s Desire Number: Often referred to as your Soul or Soul Urge Number, digs a little deeper into your name and is calculated by adding the numerological numbers associated with the vowels only. This number is somewhat silent but very powerful. When you develop the ability to hear this number, it will always drive you towards toward the things which are closest to you heart.

Although there are many combinations of numerological numbers, the 4 core numerological numbers discussed above are by far the most important. Take the time to explore all that you can about them, and learn to incorporate them into your daily life. Knowing and understanding these 4 numbers alone, can have an impact on the way you live your life, beyond your wildest expectations.


Be Clear and Say What’s Involved

I recently had an interesting conversation with a friend who had just returned from a kayaking holiday in Vancouver. After an exhausting four days of kayaking she was less than enthusiastic when their guide asked if she’d like to join them for some night-time kayaking as well. She wasn’t too impressed!

It was only when the others returned that she discovered they’d gone kayaking in water that looked like liquid gold. It was full of pyrosomes, translucent sea creatures that glow in the dark. If she’d taken up the offer she’d have found herself dipping her paddles in liquid light.

Why didn’t the tour guide properly explain what was involved, what she would have experienced, how awesome and unique a time it could have been?

Yet isn’t this something many of us do? We know our stuff so well that it’s second-nature to us and so we fail to appreciate that others may not have even a basic level of insight or understanding of what we’re talking about.

It’s not an intentional omission, but simply an oversight based on familiarity, rather than having any malicious or ulterior motive. We may ‘not think’, or don’t want to over-explain and appear condescending or patronising.

I’m guessing many of us will have seen a flyer or poster advertising an event with crucial information missing, like the date or time. The organisers were so familiar with all the details that they become word blind and forgot to step back and double-check. That’s why it’s a good idea to let a relative stranger proof read any copy before the final release.

Here are some tips for when we’re wanting to communicate effectively with others, points to remember when we want to clearly inform them about what’s happening. Whether it’s work or social, business or domestic, in order to avoid confusion or misunderstanding a few ground rules are useful to take on board so that we’re clear and say what’s involved.

  • It’s unreasonable to expect others to be psychic and understand what’s in our minds or what we’re trying to say, no matter how closely acquainted we may be. Being clear, especially over something important, demonstrates respect and offers the opportunity for further discussion and clarification, if required. Don’t make assumptions. As with the kayaking trip, a simple question could ascertain what people know and don’t know..
  • A little forethought can avoid you sounding superior or condescending. Avoid jargon, industry shorthand or acronyms. Maybe repeat what you have to say, but in a couple of different ways. Then check-in with the other person to ensure that they’re comfortably on board.
  • Establish some common ground, so that everyone knows what’s going on and is starting from the same page. It’s important that there’s inclusivity, with everyone’s role being valued, so that they’re clear about the agenda, are up to speed and aware of what’s needing to be discussed.
  • Be sensitive. Recognise that you’re adept, perhaps even expert in your field. Equally others could have a high level of competency in their specialism, but relatively little knowledge about yours. When the initial communication is being prompted by you ensure there’s an appreciation of where everyone’s starting from.
  • Listen to how the other person responds and is feeling. This can be especially important when we need to ensure that everyone’s being kept up to speed. Be open to discussing their reactions and feedback, so avoiding second-guessing or prejudging their views.
  • Don’t treat questions as challenges. It may be that they’re coming at the conversation from a totally different perspective. Being receptive to their input may invite interesting new thoughts and contributions that you’d previously not even considered.
  • In a work environment being clear is crucial, as in briefing staff, suppliers and agreeing what customers and clients are wanting. Sometimes an agenda or minutes can be a good way of confirming all the important details.

Two-way channels of communication are a fundamental requirement of good practice in every area of life, so remember to be clear and say what’s involved.


A Simple Spread for Tarot Card Beginners

There are so many tarot spreads available to use for reading Tarot cards. In order to perform tarot reading effectively you have to be familiar with their meanings and how you relate to them when they are in a spread. Once you get accustomed to each card you are ready to start to learn how to read them in a spread. The majority of tarot readings that use Tarot Cards are familiar with the Celtic Cross Spread. But I think A three card basic spread is a good way to learn how to read cards for beginners.

Even before you start to use a three card spread as a beginner; there is a good exercise you can do daily. Its purpose is to familiarize yourself with the cards and the idea of reading them. It is easy to do and will strengthen your abilities when it comes to reading cards in general.

What you do is you shuffle your cards and pull one a day to see what your day will be like. Based on the card you pull you give yourself a reading with that card. Analyze what that card will mean to you that day. This is an excellent way to get familiar with the cards and their meanings. It also helps you develop your sense of intuition which is very important for reading the Tarot Deck also.

Anyway with that simple exercise in mind; lets move on to the Three Card Spread.

Here are the Steps to conduct a Three Card Reading:

  • Focus on Your Question
  • Shuffle Your Cards
  • Pick one of the Cards and put it in the center of the table. This card represents the “present situation” in relation to the question you asked.
  • You will then pick another card and lay it to the left of the first card. This is the past in relation to the question you asked. Keep in mind the past could be the day before or even the night before. It doesn’t mean years ago necessarily based on what you asked. This card connects you to the present situation or middle card.
  • Next Pick your third card and lay it to the right of the middle card. This is the future or outcome position to the question. Keep in mind that the future can be later that night as well. It doesn’t necessarily mean a year from now.

You just did a reading. Simple and to the point. When you get to the point that this is easy for you then you can begin to explore more complex type of spreads because you are able to control of the cards and their meanings.


Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

Like everyone I used to struggle with the question, “why do bad things happen to good people?” It is difficult to make sense of a world where horribly tragic things happen to decent people. Many people question, “why is God allowing this to happen to me? Doesn’t he love me?” It is quite logical to ask those questions when you hear about things like tsunamis killing hundreds of thousands of people or when a young child is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

I have come to fully understand why bad things happen to good people First of all, it is important to understand that the Universe does not view events as being good or being bad. They are neutral. It is us and society that judges an event to be good or bad.

My personal belief is that we incarnate to Earth in order to experience the lower vibrations that we don’t have access to in the afterlife. It is important to understand emotions such as anger, jealousy, and sadness. I believe that we, as souls in the afterlife, choose lessons to be learned prior to coming to Earth.

These lessons may be things like understanding grief or becoming intensely angry. We must be put in situations that allow us to experience these emotions. As a soul you may have chosen your young child to die so that you could experience grief. You may have chosen for your husband to be murdered so that you can better understand anger and forgiveness. You can transform your life if you are able to recognize that our souls choose our life path.

Our main purpose on Earth is to master the lessons that we decided on prior to incarnating. It is important for you to realize that your soul is the one that chose these bad events to take place. Your soul is focused on learning lessons and in order for learning to take place you need to experience the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In some instances the perpetrator (i.e. abuser, drug addict, etc) can in actuality be a soul mate or someone that your soul loves very much. Prior to your incarnation you may have asked the perpetrator to do something heinous just so that you would have the learning experience.

Many perpetrators are reluctant to accept these assignments because they love you so much and do not want to be the cause of pain. In the end they decide to do it because your soul has convinced them of how important it is to learn certain lessons.

Please take some time to think about the people you are angry with and the events in your life that you feel are unfair. Ask yourself what each situation has taught you. How are you a better person because of it?

Have other areas of your life been enriched through this one negative event? Give credit where credit is due. Keep in mind that your soul decided your life plan prior to incarnating. Your soul likely selected all of the major (good and bad) events in your life.

I sincerely hope that each and every one of you is able to see the perfection and value with everything that happens in life. Be grateful for the experiences and the opportunities that arose from those experiences.